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Love resembles Sa-ran Wrap

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  • Love resembles Sa-ran Wrap

    Love resembles Sa-ran Wrap,
    a Symbolic Lovers Map.
    Tough to Find a Place to Start.
    careful Not to Tear Apart.

    Initially it Sticks Together,
    then You must Decide Whether,
    worth the Time - endure the Strain,
    or Discard and Start Again.

    Then the Time when Cling is Small,
    straighten out With no Appall.
    Wrap is Smooth and Fits so Tight,
    protecting What’s inside Just Right.
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    Nice little extended metaphor. A familiar happening, when it gets bunched. Although I find the image of "love" as plastic wrapping kind of funny, it does work here.

    Just a sort of side note, stanza 2 line 2, the word "that" seems superfluous; would it work without that word, cuz it seems to flow better to my ear that way. But of course your preference is your preference, I'm just over here with my shrink wrap!


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      I took your suggestion - thank you!


      • amenOra
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        You're most welcome, friend!