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  • Kudos to Kentucky

    Kudos to Kentucky ( c ) Glen Mitton 2019

    We all could take a lesson from that young Kentucky man
    How well he conducted himself when he made his stand

    He stood his ground didn't raise a hand held onto his grace
    Because as the video DID show that drummer invaded his space

    It sure is pathetic how fast they boarded that evil train of hate
    They got on board with prepaid tickets no one wanted to be late

    It barreled out of the station it sheered off it's brakes
    Unfortunately again we're caught in their screaming wake

    It isn't ironic that Kentucky's motto is " United we stand Divided we Fall "
    That it just might be the reason and for that reason we saw it all

    Join me as I stand beside that young man to the bullying they portray
    Unlike the Cumberland Gap they want to keep us divided in every way

    We all know Corporate Media up front is the engineer
    Behind them in the caboose the devil's pulling up the rear

    The newscasters are passengers just for the ride along
    They don't care where the train is going or for how long

    So kudos to Kentucky for raising such a fine young man
    I pray his actions do nothing but mess with their scheduled plan

    I'm sure none of us would yell " the bridge is out , the bridge is out "
    We'll be to busy keeping track of their achievements no doubt

    One thing that this encounter did do is put Kentucky on the map
    I bet half those evil hate doers couldn't even show me where it's at