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  • Amends

    I tried to repair of what was broken
    Our trust together, it could never mend
    No matter how many times I can try
    Tragic of how it all came to an end

    The past should be forgotten
    But apologies may not be enough
    And no matter how many times I can try
    I may not be able to win back your trust

    But I miss you...

    I had spoken these most sincerest words
    But they only fall onto deaf ears
    Nothing can ever change, even though I want to
    But the doubt becomes more clear

    The past should be all forgotten
    But there is no other way out of this
    Even if you can blank out all of my mistakes
    I don't expect you to ever forgive

    But I miss you...
    I miss you...

    If there's an embrace
    If there's flowing tears
    Is it all enough
    For a special fix?

    When I cry
    And when you cry
    Is it ever enough
    To forget all this?
    For you to forgive?