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A Dark Path to Love

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  • A Dark Path to Love

    I see her walking, far away
    She is on the other side
    Wonder, why she can't stay
    This isn't a roller coaster ride

    She is so, so far, I can't reach
    I've been running for so long, can't make it
    Feels like love, waves on a beach
    I've falling in a love sick pit

    I can't get to you, any other way
    I dig a tunnel towards your heart
    Sorry that this all I can say
    I'm running faster than a dart

    I can see the way to you
    The darkest path is straight ahead
    I wish you felt this way too
    My body feels heavy like lead

    If I could have a single wish
    I really would wish it to be
    A love greater than any risk
    A love that will let me be free