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Ticking off a moon beam

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  • Ticking off a moon beam

    I feel cheated by the moon

    One sided on it’s face

    It steals it’s thunder from the sun

    It’s dark side left to waste

    Cold it is to ponder

    What secrets does it keep

    The wishes sent by lovers

    On the backside does it weep

    Down here the world is spinning

    Waiting for it’s nightly call

    All day it sits and slumbers

    Yet our tides still rise and fall

    More days a glass half empty

    Just once a month it’s full

    I think I’ll wish upon a star

    Though they haven’t quite the pull

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    This is a favorite of mine, now. How poetic. I really loved the flow and rhythm, it slid down the page so nicely, thanks for sharing Divot.


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      What was it a week or two ago. We had the wolf super red moon or something like that. I ask the wife you want to stay up and see it. When is it she ask, “Three in the morning”, the moon is overrate, no thanks. The next morning the poem just wrote itself.
      Thanks for the nice comments, so glad you liked it.


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        Lol - loved the ending of this in particular.