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  • want


    eyes closed unsensed from sight as counterweight

    the sun slants through my lost belief in heat

    in the moment at one with lengthened days

    nature's want unhanded by restful ease

    it's rise falls on skin glazed in triplicate

    this jewel couched on cerulean skies

    reverie reclothes wintered leaf-bare trees

    dappling green memories of summer's lease

    unthought the morrow's wind and rain and sleet

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    A beautiful read


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      o it makes such sense, and a reverberation. I agree with Jon, exceedingly beautiful. from the "glazed in triplicate" which reminds me of some aethyreal material, to 'cerulean skies' which is a great combo, one I've been fond of before, actually. Sublime.
      i love the imagery along with the verbs like 'unthought' 'unhanded' 'unsensed' 'reclothes'.

      it gives a sense of voluminousness, these elements into play. with the conclusion of the painful prickling reminder of "the changing elements"
      Thanks for sharing with us.


      • Johntee
        Johntee commented
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        much more material than etherial, glazed in triplicate is my kitchen window which, when I had it replaced, I spent extra on in an effort to extract more heat from the sun's rays.

      • amenOra
        amenOra commented
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        good outcome/turnout i say

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      This is beautiful John. It resonates with so many.


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        This one is written so gracefully it gives me peace like certain types pf music can.


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          you lot give stunning reviews on poetry. my fave was the design and shape of poem. now that just adds to the art. never crossed my mind to try something like this,