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Transient burden of sentience

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  • Transient burden of sentience

    If we don't love one another

    We will perish with each other

    So cherish your fellow brother

    Or we will vanquish like no other

    Disappear from the earth back into the dirt

    No more shall we wander the face of this planet

    Don't let the brief touch of humanity just be a skirty flirt

    So please nullify mischief and repel stone cold frigidity like a bohemian piece of granite.

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    spread the love around I get from this amazing poetry. outstanding to drop in bohemian. as for the granite thanks for education on a rock I never new.


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      Nice piece AlbusLycaon! Yes the world needs more Love and much less Hate!!!!!


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        Thank you both !!! poemzone and Rhymeboy


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          Albus Lycaon you’ve shared a very nice blog and yes it makes me feel happy. Nobody these days give importance to poems and so I find you who wrote such nice poems on any topic related to human daily life.

          So I really admire this and your work and will hope to see you again in the future, same like this.

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