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Yard-Sale Tale

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  • Yard-Sale Tale

    Yard-Sale Tale

    Come listen to my story ‘bout some girls, truck and gas
    gone ridin’ down the street doin’ 50, haulin’ fast,
    just a laughin’ and a cacklin’ while jokin’ having fun.
    It’s a bright sunny day and the girls are on a run.

    Well turnin’ down a street was a sign by the mail
    and bargain huntin’ eyes had them shoutin’ “Yard Sale”.
    Broke hinges on a door, cracked a double pane of glass
    just gettin’ out the truck on a day that’s goin’ fast.

    Next thing you know, the truck was loaded down
    with lamps and clothes and all the things they found.
    Money gettin’ low but the Sun was high off ground.
    The girls sniffed the air when they heard a strange sound.

    They raced over tracks, crossed a bridge and a pond,
    turned left down a street, Yard Sales were goin’ on !
    How they knew? I don’t know, some psychic odor thin
    that primes female noses to hunt bargains in the wind.

    ‘Round a moat, down a path, over land and thru the trees
    found suspended was a castle on a cloud above the seas
    of oaken doors, marble floors and vivid rainbow rays
    reflecting brilliant sunlight on its halls of gold archways.

    What froze the girls, hypnotized and mesmerized their minds
    was outside on the castle’s lawn, a giant “Yard Sale” sign
    where golden statues, silver slippers, gems and kitchen tools
    made eyes light up, knees go weak, saliva drip and drool !

    Arching stairs appeared in sky to span the distance fast.
    Raced they over golden steps that smelled of fresh-cut grass.
    Rummaged they, oohed and aahed for hours six or seven
    to cry with tears when over for this time in Yard-Sale Heaven.

    And singing in the loaded truck with treasures in the back,
    the day was full of magic buys, ‘twas time to hit the sack
    and dream of cherished moments when to bargain, hunt and seek
    those goodies at the Yard-Sales that await for them next week.


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    car boot sale eat your heart out. got the American drive through this poem and open road.


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      Interesting!!!!! The last stanza was brilliant!!!!


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        Poemzone - I was inspired to write this by the feline dedication and commitment to yard-sales(car boot sales) regardless of rain, snow, sleet, hail, tornado and any other assortment of inclimate weather that the imagination can concoct thus making it an integral and inseparable component of the maternal instinct that can effectively sniff out a yard-sale from anywhere on Earth. It seems a formidable force of nature, especially in female DNA, that we unprepared big boys best get out of the way before being burned, banned or crushed. I guess we don’t call it Mother Nature, Mother Earth or the Mother Force for nothin’ when we speak the Mother-tongue in search of the Mother-Lode somewhere in Yard-Sale Heaven. LOL. Thanks a lot PZ for enjoying. Namyh


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          Fun story.


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            Alexandra - When yard sale mornings are insured by early sleep nights, it's a sure sign that the upcoming frenzy of buying "fun" has reached epidemic proportions to undermine the credit system, disrupt free trade and foment distrust of government. Hey! Wait a minute? Those things are already happening. And since that's so ! What the heck. Let's go Yard-Saling! Hey! Wait for me. Namyh
            P.S - Now, where's my teddy bear. People may look strange at me but I always bring him along. He's good luck. Well! That's what he always tells me anyway. LOL. Thanks a lot A.
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