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robbie williams to blare queen or george

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  • robbie williams to blare queen or george

    robbie williams to blare queen or george 14.01.19

    stick in my beak

    give some advice and brain clean

    don't dare play freeek

    going to clear every cd of queen.

    i do understand the fear

    stress is a devil sinner

    we all need to calm down dear

    forget own mess who's here to help michael winner.

    5 years of this rattle

    got to be the looser in the end

    please drop this ogre battle

    a bit of queen and george will be you're my best friend.

    getting vibes from weatherfield

    imagining robbie as robert i can't

    intro of freedom for ayda field

    only rumors one dressed as robert plant.

    music and mj is the birth

    not taking sides or being a owner

    local neighbors playing song earth

    but its counteracted as i am blaring barelona.

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    sweet flow and some of the references I did catch :P your stuff tends to make me think, cultural references and all, and I get a picture of your world, another life. I presume the picture is Robbie Williams on the left in the pic? Take care & peace!