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Prelude to War

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  • Prelude to War

    I learned how to use my gun,
    And on the radio, the television
    The newspaper, and the corner
    They told me, "We're all at war."
    Something I barely understood.

    I went outside to look, to find
    Something that used to be there;
    I wondered what it was that I
    Couldn't let go to find was mine--
    More than threadbare closure.

    I learned how to use my Love,
    and it blew up in my hand like a weapon;
    I learned how to spy blue worlds
    Falling like glass to the ground.
    Lost as I am in these that pattern,

    I have a different identity again.
    I take my picture, the world morphs
    Around my ten fingers; I rise
    Like smoke or debris from below,
    Stacked until the ultimatum.

    I learned how to use my gun,
    And my mind recoils at my deed:
    I learned at war how we're spoiled,
    And none of us will ever leave.
    How we still wish we could bleed.

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    devastation of war and it never being forgotten. deep poetry and excellent write.