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Mother Nature had "A Day"

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  • Mother Nature had "A Day"

    Mother Nature's Snow Trees.pngMother Nature's Snow Trees 2.jpg
    Mother Nature had “A Day,”
    thought Her plan Was not that Way.
    Winter Storm that We all Dread,
    soon Was here and On our Head.

    Wet and Heavy – Hard to Shovel,
    took It slow Around my Hovel.
    Lost some Trees within Our City,
    can’t Dismiss – It sure is Pretty.

    Thank Her for this Lovely Scene,
    and the Photo on this Screen.
    A real Bonus at this Hour,
    lucky That we Still have Power.

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    hehe, nice, it was a big snowstorm here too this previous weekend! How beautiful is mother Nature, just as long as the trees don't fall on us, and we have a refuge of a warm place inside! That's where all poetry is written right? lol, well I'm using my poetic license! Good write, thanks for sharing. This poem dances; crisp rhymes and rhythm, the lilt of humor at the end is perfect, too.

    PS: Second line, I'm confused, first I thought it was a typo of the word "though" but then I read it and it worked as is-- Now it sounds wrong to my ear. Uh oh. lol. But I get the general idea... Kudos, Bob.
    And nice to see you on this side of the New year Peace--


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      great poetry and illustration along with good humour. most enjoyable read and smile on face.


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        I meant "thought" but "though" might have been better. Another snow storm is headed our way the end of the week - along with sub-zero temps as well. Hope everything holds together. Thanks for the comments.