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    wrote this "poem" after reading this "article"

    it's not because they're absent;
    simply, the telescopes, the eyes
    can't detect them;
    a black dwarf emits no energy,
    after the beautiful collapse.
    and when you're stalled in that
    well of dead waves, it is less
    than idle-- the mass of the star
    having collapsed, sunken in rings,
    no longer moves outwards,
    having died, having breathed;
    and before the black dwarf,
    gravity unrolled the process
    on the rim of all that mass, and
    sucked its time-dependent feeling
    back into temporal spaces--
    before the black dwarf,--
    the crystal sun of cold energy
    dies too. releasing less,
    but living longer than before...
    just enough to cool its core so
    it loses the impetus to move
    anymore. now,
    this one visible to our instruments.
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    Interesting poem! interesting article! Well done! And thank you for sharing amenOra!


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      where is brian may when you need him - got to tear this up so it makes some rhapsody.