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  • poemzone
    loved all expressions from this poem ie turning of hands - time spinning. tittle of poem concretes the thoughts.

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  • Tanner
    Bry89, The Void awaits, bides its time for each of us. It is the great Maw of Nothingness into which we go.
    Eternity? It is only Now, the moments in which we breathe and our consciousness surveys the Universe.

    To Consciousness

    You are the white featureless room without
    Walls wherein thought straight-jacketed
    And bewildered examines its surroundings

    Perhaps you are even lurking in the opaque
    Hearts of stones my oafish brothers who still
    Recall their former lives as bright fountains

    Were you there before the Big Bang quietly
    Waiting in an anteroom biding your time
    Predestined to emerge with the great swoosh

    Of inflation an unknown topological space
    Our paltry geometries of touch cannot fathom
    We walk blindly in your impenetrable haze

    You are the ancient aether or a gravity wave
    That washes back upon our gathered memories
    A mysterious landscape we take for granted

    At the end will you be there to greet us or
    More like a contrary wind that pauses briefly
    To disavow scatter our names in the void

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  • Bry89
    started a topic Finality


    Time slips away from the hands of the hopeless
    Some attempt to hold on, with no clear reason why
    Is it because they can survive longer, or to avoid change?
    Somehow I can see a life in ruin, through each of their eyes

    Time can't always be kind to the strongest, or the weakest
    Everything changes from each gradual turn of the hands
    Should we abandon ourselves for a better gain, as they say?
    I, the survivor, knows just what to do, when everything else
    Gets buried under these blackened sands

    I've made my decision
    And I will stick by it
    No matter if it hinders me
    I'll still be breathing from within

    We're are to move on
    But in the end, the choice is ours
    Bodies will wash away into the distance
    Drifting souls into another, darker world
    I know I will survive, beyond the final hour

    Nothing can stop us
    Nothing can stop us from living
    Towards the end

    Eternity, this is all that we beg for since the start
    Because we're so afraid and paranoid, of the future
    Whether I will make it towards the end of an epoch of bliss
    In any moment, the dark tide of harrowing regret
    Can drown us any time sooner

    But we can run
    We can run, and run
    Far out from a dying paradise

    This holds a personal though in me, and been wanting to write something about it before.