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Blood Runs Cold

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  • Blood Runs Cold

    I swear I never meant to hurt you
    I swear that it didn't need to go this way
    I apologised as many times as I could
    But now it's the anger that I must embrace

    There is darkness in every of our hearts
    There is the decay of a love that once grew
    Between us we were close but now we're far apart
    The last thing that I'd ever do, is murder you

    Blood runs cold
    Blood runs cold

    See my eyes, black with the emptiness and pain
    See the suffering that I'm forever locked in
    I swear I feel like tearing the walls, going insane
    And if I have to, I'll kill you, surrender myself to sin
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    Bry89, I particularly like your stream of consciousness, the flow of your ideation
    and where it goes. The last stanza is very powerful. Your blurred and somber
    picture fits well with this recent outpouring. Much Appreciated.


    • Bry89
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      Thanks very much. I like it myself too