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unlike yann moix i am open to all bullseye

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  • unlike yann moix i am open to all bullseye

    unlike yann moix i am open to all BULLSEYE 10.01.19

    unlike queen
    i am the man that's invisible
    going to open up the scene
    over 50's reading will see inevitable.
    someone is on a ban
    going to be left on shelf rusting
    more for me so move over yann
    i don't think your remarks are disgusting.
    mocked on social media
    would not no as closed the door
    interpretation was older ladies saw you like chlamydia
    going to advertise as open and like it raw.
    got allot of front
    mugshot up on screen
    you like a tighter blunt
    brave saying all in marie claire magazine.
    bodies are extraordinary
    but disagree on this ocasion
    your missing the love biology
    its nothing to do with age or even if asian.
    a bit of redemption
    that did bring down my age fever
    julia hague here is my hand extension
    free and single bachelor and bullseye is either.