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    My mom's famous meal, Biscuits and gravy, is well suited for a Saturday morning. She never did anything TOO drastic to her recipe, but the smells bring me back there every time. Back to the childhood of quick-forgetting, and being warmed after being way too cold from outside. You could walk into the kitchen and smell the biscuits, and the warmth, and when everything was ready, and all right. The usual ingredients for the gravy; flour, sugar, cut up sausage to flavor; salt, pepper. But when I tasted those golden biscuits separated by hand, flooded with gravy, with sausage, I would remember not the particulars of the mornings and even some nights we had this dish; the breakfast loud, the dinners quiet ...
    I remember perfectly
    how each bite
    made those memories...
    wafting away the days
    I won't soon forget
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    A wonderful memory! I can almost taste the gravy! A well told excerpt from a possible future memoir!


    • amenOra
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      Could be part of a memoir yes!-- I was on a site, and someone suggested I try out a form they had written in, which I liked. And here this materialized. Thanks for readin friend!

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    Wonderful memory. Have you ever tried your hand at making them for yourself...or for other loved ones? Transitioning from the receiver to giver is sometimes a sweet, soothing process. At least it's been that way for me since my folks passed on.


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      When it comes to cooking my Mother is the best in the world, She's simple and her specialty is outrageous.


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