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    aldi business news poetry 10.01.19

    £1 billion is no slam

    and that's why i will always remember

    so going to connect aldi with wham

    for staff playing song december.

    trading period not complex

    saving £2.25 have to get off chest

    just picked up my 9 andrex

    aldi it's no wonder your the best.

    the draw is the premium range

    even the wealthy have to watch inflation

    giving you £11.40 is not strange

    when you purchase comfort creation.

    quality will encourage hackers

    trading like this is the tease

    the staff are polite hard working with no slackers

    spreading competition is tasty like aldi's cream cheese.

    7.6 percent of the market

    sure to rise is no flannel

    aldi delighted you are center target

    if you disbelieve lego or poetry ask kanta world panel.