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Truth or lies

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  • Truth or lies

    Tell me lies!

    Tell the truth?

    My soul sighs

    Tell the truth!

    Years passed since our kiss enveloped

    With its warmth and courage

    It’s passion a thrill a risk

    Within the safety of your arms

    Hearts pronounced a sentence for life

    To finish each other’s sentences

    A glance given a thought shared

    Essence entwinned in full embrace

    Desire now distant in your dull eyes

    Sex an expression of muscle memory

    As I glorify my body in lace luxury

    Unseen shrine to the exotic

    Curves enhanced with briefest silk

    Draped in my need yet naked in your chill

    Searching for a spark in a haystack

    To feel your temperature burn for me

    I wait expectant as the clock ticks and tocks

    For a late show of indifference

    My nostrils inflamed by a sweet hint

    As I suffocate in the half truths

    Tell me lies?

    Tell me the truth

    My soul sighs

    Tell me the truth

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    as we get old older not only do looks fade along with everything else but so will confidence. its not fading in this poetry. standing out and shinning. nice write.