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    I am not from the my poem would suggest . . . But I love all things Jamaican!!!!! . . . the island . . . the food . . . the people . . . the music . . . AND the folklore! This story-poem is inspired by Jamaican Folklore and Music! I hope you all enjoy!!!! Lol!

    My people -----come from Jamaica
    A lovely island ----- out in the sea
    And although ---- I live in America
    It will always ----- be part of me

    I really ---- love Jamaica
    And I love ----- the food as well
    And I love ---- to hear the stories
    that many ---- of the old folks tell

    Stories ---- about evil spirits
    that often live ----- inside of trees
    That can torment ---- and make you crazy
    And can cause ----- a strange disease

    The are called Duppies ---- there in Jamaica
    And they can easily ----- change their form
    They can become human ----- animal, or spirit
    but Evil ----- is always the norm

    Grandma said ---- she caught a Duppy
    It was an evil ---- large, black dog
    Grandma trapped it ---- in a box
    after it changed ---- into a frog

    She said the dog ----- would often transform
    Into a frightening ----- muscular male
    I didn't believe ----- her story
    But of course ----- I enjoyed the tale

    So, one summer ----- I flew home to Jamaica
    Out in the beautiful ----- Caribbean Sea
    And I was sitting ------ out in our backyard
    under ------ the old Cotton Tree

    Now, the tree ----- is very old
    It was there ----- when folks were slaves
    There were hollows ----- in the tree
    that looked ------ like tiny caves

    In a hollow ---- of the tree
    I found ---- a wooden box
    It was bound -----with ropes and ribbons
    which seemed ------ to serve as locks

    I cut ----- the ropes and ribbons
    And when I opened ----- up the box
    I saw ----- some pretty pebbles
    They were brightly ----- colored rocks

    Under the rocks ------there was a frog
    Which was dried ----- and pinned in place
    When I removed ------ the pins that held it
    I saw a smile ----- creep on its face

    I removed ------ more ropes and ribbons
    They had it wrapped up ----- like a mummy
    I should have left ----- that frog alone
    But as you know ------ I'm such a dummy

    Still I kept ----- unwrapping that frog
    until I came ----- to this final part
    I had removed ----- a sewing needle
    which had pierced ----- its tiny heart

    When I removed ----- the sewing needle
    I heard ---- a frightening scream
    That could cause ------ fresh milk to curdle
    And make butter ------ out of cream

    After I heard ----- the frightening scream
    I guess I got ----- a little scared
    And for what ---- would happened next
    I was not ----- at all prepared

    The frog ---- had come to life
    And I heard ---- the creature croak
    And if ----- I'm not mistaken
    I believe ---- the creature spoke!
    The frog ----- jumped out of my hand
    It was somewhere ------ on the lawn
    I looked ----- all over for it
    But it seemed ---- the frog was gone

    Then I saw ------ a furry animal
    It was cute ----- just like a puppy
    I picked it up ----- and pet it
    Then I realized ----- it was a Duppy

    The Duppy turned ----- into a Panther
    With fur of black ----- and eyes of gold
    It spoke ----with the voice of a human
    "It said, "Do ----as you are told!"

    The huge ------Black Panther shrunk
    into a tiny ----- red-eyed frog
    Which stuck out its tongue ----- and slapped me
    before becoming ----- a huge black dog!

    The huge ----- black dog was vicious
    Its barking made ----- my poor heart race
    It pinned me ---- on the ground
    As saliva dripped ---- onto my face

    The Duppy turned ---- into a man
    Who beat ----- and tied me up
    And after ----- it took off my clothes
    it turned back ----- into a pup

    The Duppy crawled ---- into my body
    It made me ---- scream and yell
    The pain ----- was so unbearable
    It was like ------ I was stuck in Hell

    The Duppy ---- crawled out of my body
    And it seemed ---- the Dup was gone
    My family came ----- and found me
    stretched out -----on someone's lawn

    I ----- was totally naked
    And my body felt ------ very cold
    My brother ------ looked at my face
    And he said ----- that I looked old

    I told my brother ----- what happened
    I said my hands ------ and feet were tied
    But he thinks ----- I've just gone crazy
    Or at best ---- I've simply lied

    Now ----- I am from Jamaica
    where the Duppy ----- spirits dwell
    And ever since ----- I saw the Duppy
    my mind ------ has been unwell

    Every night ------- I see the Duppy
    He crawls in me ---- and makes me scream
    I know ---- what's happening is real
    But everyone thinks ----- it's just a dream

    This Duppy ----- is very powerful
    And he changes ----- his form at will
    He crawls ----- inside my mind
    And now ------ I have the urge to kill

    Luckily ----- no murders have happened
    Somehow ----- I fight it off
    But I feel ----- I'm getting sicker
    And now I have ------ a terrible cough

    I ----- was wasting away
    And I was just ----- skin and bone
    But then one night ----- the Duppy
    Decided ----- to leave me alone

    And lately ----- things were getting better for me
    And I've had ----- good reason to smile
    The Duppy ------- hasn't been bothering me
    I haven't seen ----- The Dup in a while

    Then my brother's dog ----- 'Blackie' had died
    He was put ------ to sleep at the vet
    Now my brother ----- is sad and lonely
    And now he wants ----- a brand new pet

    I saw a strange man ----- at the pet store
    He stares at me ----- then shrinks
    He becomes ----- the cutest dog
    Who looks at me ----- then winks

    That puppy ----- was awfully cute
    But he spoke ----- with a human voice
    And before ----- I could even warn him
    my brother ------ had made his choice

    Well, my brother ------ brought home a new pet
    A beautiful ------ large black puppy
    He thinks ------- he brought home a dog
    But he really ------- brought home a Duppy
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    Thank you that was unexpected but quite a ride. Novel and entertaining


    • Rhymeboy
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      Thank you very much Parkinsonspoet!!!!! I appreciate your wonderful comments!!!!

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    this was absolutely duppyamazing and I loved it. never heard of this and did google it. African origin commonly used in Jamaica. put a smile on my face and this did not read like a poem but a true story and the end made it pure poetry and made me crack up with laughter. rhymeboy this was powerful poetry done in humour and I loved all of it. brill work.


    • Rhymeboy
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      Thank you very much poemzone!!!!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!!!!