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rami malek this queen baddie will teach

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  • rami malek this queen baddie will teach

    rami malek this queen baddie will teach 08.01.19

    cruising monday scene

    lego never tragic

    got to page fourteen

    not a kind but rami magic.

    so you want to be mr bad guy

    i no the one to teach

    come live with me in a pigsty

    criminality in veins will suck blood like a leech.

    starting with news of the world

    pimping is my pride

    rami no morals can be held

    stop the fight from inside.

    will teach how to avoid

    don't want you ending up in can

    after you they will name a asteroid

    show you how to escape a hitman.

    at first you will be under pressure

    you got to bat CLEVER

    lots of wallys as pain is close to pleasure

    highlighting remix not who wants to live not under EVER.

    fraud is a cuti

    hope you can see all in this bloke

    me and you rami can do tutti fruitti

    poetry is the fairy fellers masterstroke.