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  • Geo - Cynical Orbit

    Sorry this is a week late , this year is flying by ! , Happy New Year everybody , Peace to all

    Geo - Cynical Orbit ( c ) Glen Mitton 2018

    Another amazing trip around the sun
    Brings us back to where we started from
    That's the conundrum of the circle
    The potential to face the same old hurdles
    Start to finish it's very demanding
    In a universe that is expanding
    " Fasten your seat belts " and I quote Betty Davis
    Hold on to your hats and smile for Uranus !
    The price we pay is telling and taxing
    When everything is waning and waxing
    Auld Lang Syne is forever the forfeit
    Here we go again into a " Geo-cynical orbit "

    The chain of command is still unbroken
    Communication lines still remain open
    The radius of our tactical telemetry
    Gives us a heads-up to the audacity
    Their traitorous trajectory has put us at risk
    Who knows what was lost on those CD disks ?
    Unlike the moon they show their dark side
    They can run but they can't hide
    They will have to answer to the Federation
    For all parties to see for the next generation
    From their cell wall windows they will see stars
    Wanting to feel the wind blow like that on Mars

    This year holds 2 solar 2 lunar and 1 annular eclipse
    But they wont outshine who's running the ship
    I have stated before I believe in Karma
    And the basic principles of the Dharma
    The evil doers held to their own script
    They should of stuck with the Sanskrit
    Their gratuitous actions will hold them down
    Therein as " What goes around comes around "
    As they are encircled to the " Nth " degree
    They will scramble about for a humbled plea
    As our two polar discharges move us along
    I hope this year's flight will be their swan song

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    where is brian may when you need him. deep poetry.