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  • The Bag God

    Bags can be Great - Even a Fad,
    many a Bag over Lifetime I’ve Had.
    Bowling, Laptop, Grocery Sack,
    Duffel, Shoulder, Pack on the Back.

    Bags just for Christmas, Parties, and Such,
    those for your Camera – those you just Clutch.
    And there’s the Fanny and For the Beach,
    Paper to Plastic to Leather we Reach.

    Seems over Time I’ve made the God Bitter,
    thrown Bags away and Maybe made Litter.
    The Bag God has Waited and Now I must Pay,
    given me Bags I sadly Display.

    Don’t wear them Proudly under my Eyes,
    a Second Chance - Perhaps would Revise.
    The Bag God, it seems, is Getting some Kicks,
    reversing them – “Not” – in this Bag of Tricks.

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    bags of smiles with this interesting read. loved how you used bags for other things ie eyes. making the reader think is great from poetry. you keep writing bob no bags here. love your rhymes.


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      Thank you.