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Laugh at the Devil

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  • Laugh at the Devil

    Laugh at the Devil

    Kissing in the night light, showered by the moonlight,
    holding hands tight by an easy flowing lake.
    Frogs making croak sounds. Soft is the grassy ground.
    Wine on our lips for we we’re lovers on a date.

    Warm air licks the light tasting odors spicing night.
    Trees disappear down a road of dark and dense
    and from their gloom there loomed a speck,
    a galloping heat of mist and yet
    clouds of dust were absent which defied our common sense.

    Closer came it. Nearer! Nearer! Now, its form became much clearer.
    A horse, pale and steaming, rode the Devil who us did find.
    He stopped. We froze. His words did say,
    “Which way to Boston? I’ve lost my way”
    We pointed trembling and off he rode! Then off we lost our minds.

    We fell on grass in teary-frantic-laughter-shrieking-rampant-panic.
    Weak, our knees of jello wouldn’t lift us off the ground
    ‘til one frog cleared its throat to croak,
    in air perfumed now freed of smoke,
    and said “Oh Man! That’s one strange bloke.”
    The Devil turned around.

    His eyes were frozen fractured eggs streaked by crimson veiny legs
    glaring on the frog with such amuse that oozed from Hell.
    “I’m not so strange as you may think.
    With tongue you catch the flies then blink
    and I am appetite’s ruthless link who rings your dinner bell.

    I am your Hunger in the belly of the beast.
    I am your Cunning that chases the feast.
    I am the Agony in pain of flesh.
    I’m your Deceit that kills Truth best
    but what fills my black heart most with glee

    is that a little bit of you has such a whole lot of me.
    Ha! Ha! Ha! It’s just the Devil in ya son! Ha! Ha! Ha!
    Welcome to the family! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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    if I hate to rate this poem I would give it a 666 and this is because of the humour and the twist and I loved it.


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      Ahhh Shucks PZ! Thanks for stopping by to "laugh at the devil" with the rest of us. Namyh