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Mother Nature Fall-ing into Winter to Spring Again!

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  • Mother Nature Fall-ing into Winter to Spring Again!

    Mother Nature Fall-ing into Winter to Spring Again!

    Early fall, the yellow of the sun and green of the grass begins to pale, Mother Nature throws caution to the wind promptly changing her color pallet. Mercilessly tossed through the air by winds whipping them left and right, vibrant colors of red, purple, orange, pink, magenta, blue and brown blanket the ground.

    Tree limbs, naked to the elements, reveal nests of birds and squirrel’s barren, which once housed the younglings of Spring.

    Shortening of days and dark of night hastens activity, as tiny creatures scurry to gather nuts and dehydrated berries for food, twigs and fallen leaves for insulation.

    Howling winds bring a coldness to the air, intense rains cleanse the ground of summer’s dust and debris while replenishing lakes and streams with an ample supply of moisture in preparation for the frigid temperatures to come.

    The Harshness of weather; howling winds, shorter days, darker nights and barren trees give way to yet another of Mother Natures’ pallets.

    White and void of color, winter’s snow, a chance for Mother Nature to renew her color pallet.

    Springing forward with colors vibrant and new; yellow, green and a sky blue. Buds on the trees welcome leaves coming forth, hiding tiny creature’s homes from the South to the North.

    Mother Nature’s reason, changing colors each season, falling into Winter to Spring again!

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    I was taken by this. Great narration, and scenery. Such a beautiful nature poem, and special to me because Lately it's felt a lot of times like Spring, during winter. Those lovely feelings of Earth's hormones changing again, I presume. This is a bright poem, full of description; it's familiar to me as well, that spirit of wonder.
    Thank you for sharing. I hope there's more


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      amenOra, thank you for your comments. You have warmed my heart and sharpened my will to write!