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In The Way Of Love

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  • In The Way Of Love

    This emotion, has taken me further
    Out from a state of mind
    That I'm longer am
    Freedom was what I seeked
    Since the day I felt the tears
    Sparkle down my face

    Hope has formed a new path
    Joy has built a bridge over
    Towards these new horizons
    Accept that I'm not who I was before
    Since I've held hands, moved on
    So why do I still get the impression
    That I'm being held back?

    The sickness that I had in me
    Has decayed, picked out
    For once I'm cleaner than before
    My love, you are my saviour
    You are everything that I wanted
    And I shall praise you forever

    Expectations becoming real
    Manifestation from a doubtful dream
    Heading towards this elation
    Togetherness can open new doors
    But I feel I'm not going anywhere
    When I get this awful feeling
    That someone is watching
    And it better not be you

    All I want is a reason
    All I want is an answer
    Of why you are standing
    In the way of love
    Do you believe that I will break?
    Do you think that I will fall down?
    Well not today, I'm a better person
    So back off, and stop standing there
    In our way

    Why are you standing
    In the way of love?
    Why must you stand
    In the way of love?

    Things have changed since I left you
    For something a bit more sweet
    I no longer want anything from you
    So back off, and stop standing in our way
    Turn away, and stop standing in my way

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    Very relatable.