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  • Game of Thrones

    Game of Thrones

    Corruption and deformity
    must haunt the major dynasty:
    a scheming witch, licentious imp,
    a severed hand, sadistic prince;
    suggestions of incest, perhaps,
    and Charles Dance wearing gravitas.

    Let there be dragons far beyond
    commanded by a fiery blonde,
    whose husband looks like Genghis Khan -
    though she might be a lesbian.
    That head he’s skewered on his knife
    once played a gay bloke in This Life.

    Intrigue shall occupy the court
    and many parts must needs be short –
    just long enough to lose their eyes,
    their limbs or what’s between the thighs.
    The chief amongst the hangers-on
    resembles Peter Mandelson.

    Have something horrible up North
    that’s threatening to lumber forth
    and overcome a wall of ice,
    to frit us with its fearsome voice.
    The widows weep, the virgins scream –
    I shall not visit Aberdeen.

    Procure a score of odalisques
    for ornament, to flash their tits
    and give a soldier some respite -
    but hang on, love, that can’t be right.
    Look, she’s had a Brazilian!
    The Dark Ages are brilliant.

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    Such energy this bristled with. Flow was humorous mixing different elements of style which was crisp and sometimes melting Lovely rhymes, thanks for sharing, and welcome, To the Zone...


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      Very enjoyable. I especially liked the references to Peter Mandelson and Aberdeen - sadly not so familiar to those outside the U.K (lucky them) but brilliantly observed. I shall never be able to look at little-finger again the same way.


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        Thanks to you both for the comments.


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          loved the corruption and deformity begging. mandleson entry great.