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all poetry lovers are suckers for queen

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  • all poetry lovers are suckers for queen

    all poetry lovers are suckers for queen 04.01.19


    now the light is green

    to new poetry won't hurt

    every single one will feature queen

    might even do a tour with lambert.

    writing on every pad

    it will ensure i take no critical slam

    at this stage you might think i'm going slightly mad

    planning in future the intro of silver wham.

    going to highlight and be owner

    through queen i can be a con

    from highgate village boards i can see barcelona

    don't dare say let's turn it on.

    don't need to do cryptic

    be hidden corrupt or sly

    with this queen reach as far as the pacific

    that is of course if i can sail the seven seas of rhye.

    this is gratitude

    queen inclusion for poetry readers is noted

    your body language is showing attitude

    i'm just a musical prostitute my dear best not be re quoted.



    i wrote this poem yesterday and recieved positive feed back from it. today i am deciding all my future poetry will include queen lol.

    thank you all for your postive feed back on queen and your feed back has inspired my poem today and this is thanking all that commented on the below poem.



    girl in fur coat and white boots loving lego 03.01.19

    potentially looking at a wife
    old boy is now ready
    started with is this the real life
    got drawn to your love of freddie.
    no fantasy was the piano
    sounds would spark pride
    heading to waterloo with my cello
    going to be quote caught in a land slide.
    opening up ears and not eyes
    look for me at the station
    rich boy needs no sympathy or lies
    any way the wind blows is no frustration.
    you had one vision
    getting on train for a breakthru
    the hit man had a mission
    save me and sing it's so you.
    lets make mama cry
    send shivers down her spine
    mimicking queen i can try
    this crazy little thing called love i underline.
    girl in fur coat
    wednesday news filled me with desire
    not seen you but you float my boat
    can not reply as ????? put out the fire.

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    Well, like most "poets" who contribute here - I do not understand what you mean. However, I like what you write. In case you are speaking of the group "Queen" - they remain one of my favorite groups. I also appreciate your support of my basic rhymes.


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      I love your rhymes bob. ps a little clue in the above poems - look for names of songs and lines from songs. ie any way the wind blows is from BOrap.