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  • Styx-

    The river Styx reflects its deep blue stillness.
    There rests your image upon the waving surface,
    Matched by your eyes, moving in circles.
    Such loss as we've felt;-- O how to separate
    The feeling from the thinking flesh, when pain
    Begs what can't be undone to be seen.

    The lyre in the woods sits there unstrung;
    The mischief has all gone away; where voices were
    Now the silence of the winding forest rules.
    And it helps to understand that what happened
    Sets up futures for fools so destined.
    It's the sad colors from eyes that leak into the water.

    And you say you can't cross-- and you say
    The world's loss is not my own.
    Rules swim around my head, and I find
    Nature chewing rings, chewing bones;
    And I find how far this place is from home.
    Some things we're never able to accept.

    O and to dance, fire-lit, to this dark music,
    To flee my soul's cavern into the colder air.
    As the weight which holds this up,
    Feeling crosses thought we couldn't bear;
    We finally admit all we couldn't share,
    To bridge the gap between Lovers there.

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    Quite beautiful, this melancholy meander to the netherworld. It soothes with sound when read aloud, even in its sadness.


    • amenOra
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      Thanks, I like that it soothes for sure

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    Loss... It seems a coherent
    lyricism infects your recent
    pieces. Our gain


    • amenOra
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      Appreciate you reading and commenting ... Hope you're doing well... in peace!

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    loved the worlds lost is not my own. great play.


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      Hello. I get the general drift of the poem and enjoyed it. Some lines, phrases I found hard to follow. In particular, "
      As the weight which holds this up,
      Feeling crosses thought we couldn't bear;"


      • amenOra
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        Hi penguin! I agree, that was a jagged moment, definitely, I meant it to be a display of my inner state. Thanks for commenting and letting me know! I feel like we can often write something and say it in a specific way and others' might not 'hear' it in the same way,
        It's fascinating really.

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      I found Styx the best poem because it gives me information about some great things as well as I feel good after reading it. The last thing I wanted to say is that keep sharing such kinds of poems and get EduBirdies from us with low cost. I always appreciate the talent of authors. By the way thanks a lot amenOra for sharing this beautiful post.
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        A torturous torment of all that is lost. One could say it when to hell in a hand basket. And you left holding the handle.