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    It is….!

    It is the blink that makes one man with eyes blind
    and another man with vision see.
    It is the power of the toe on the foot
    pivoting on its axis and balancing
    Man’s chaotic nature with its spin.

    It is the breath behind the note
    that sweetens the melody to the ear
    with its wings of wind
    and the pin prick in the brain’s butt
    that lifts the couch potato
    with the force of a hammer
    that builds kingdoms, once he’s on his feet.

    It is the Feather of Belief that raises
    a man’s head and dignity from the gutter
    so he may look up into the face of God
    and in His eyes see himself redeemed.

    It is that single drop of Courage
    that enables one man with it to make
    leaps of progress, even in the darkness,
    while another man without it becomes
    riveted with Fear, even in the daylight.

    It is one determined fragile finger
    with one ounce of Faith pushing
    one mighty mountain over one inch
    to the awe of all disbelievers
    while the chisel chips the stone block
    for the masterpiece within, transforming
    the mediocre into the meteoric.

    It is the power to envision what can be
    harnessed to the actions that will make it real.
    It is in all of us. It is in all of me.
    It is in all of you.


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    it is what it is and this poem was very encouraging. new years day treat to read. nice poetry.


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      Very inspirational and aspirational poem! I especially like the 4th stanza about Courage! Great!


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        A proclamation for the ages! Wonderfully inspirational start to 2019!


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          Poemzone - I had hoped to reflect in words that creative force in us that changes the world outside when the one inside of us is changed first by the human mechanism that makes dreams real. Whoa, now that was a heavy revelation even for me at the time. However in this spiritually resurrected state, the poet in me was forced out and this piece was the end result. There! You dragged it out of me PZ! LOL. I thank you for embracing this poetic "new years treat". Hope "IT IS" remembered when most needed and great to hear from you. Happy Holidays. Namyh


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            Rhymeboy It seems we all alternate between normal and abnormally normal in a normally abnormal kind of way. How’s that for a mind twister. Don’t ask! Don’t ask! I’m so very happy you enjoyed this creation which I enjoyed writing. Whenever you require a pin prick in the brain's butt to get you going, take a dose of “It is” in the morning to overcome that early inertia that starts the waking day and one dose in the evening to ease any remaining residual sluggishness. Now I know I should have been a doctor like my parole officer told me to! Whoa, I’m calling AMA in the morning for a patent anyway. LOL. So proud to provide a little "inspirational" and a little "aspirational" for your day RB. Namyh


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              RhymeLovingWriter - Perhaps there is an internal recognition in the human heart that we are more than the sum of our parts and destined to forge ahead. If this poetic proclamation can serve as a clarion call for those ‘life options’ which have been dimmed or damaged or maybe still sleeping, then as its author I feel proud to ring the anthem bell hoping more will be gained coming from this work than coming to it. Thanks RLW for putting a feather of belief in my day. So let it be written. So let it be done. Namyh


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              This is a poem for an earlier age
              when the future held hope, not despair.
              When what man did held benefit
              not damage beyond repair


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                Johntee - History has shown that every age of man has been fraught with despair, lack of hope and damages beyond repair. The only way we have moved forward has been that we have made envisioning the next age better than the one we leave. That takes positive forward insight and sustained hope, qualities inherent in every man who hopefully will build on it and then pass to the next generation. The cycle continues and I just had to put that human benefit in words of "It is". Thanks J for spending a spell here. Namyh
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