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Best Wishes for 2019 to RhymeZone Poets: A Haiku

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  • Best Wishes for 2019 to RhymeZone Poets: A Haiku

    May your words flow smooth
    Like a lazy river and
    Memories burn bright

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    Your wish I would return to you
    for smoothest sailing into blue
    of future waters; while your past
    illumines all - from first to last.

    My haiku skill was never strong
    but rhyme continues, like a song,
    to sing out verse with little fear
    in wishing you a great New Year!

    Thanks for many kind thoughts and words through these past couple of years Tanner!


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      RLW, Your words of encouragement and illuminations have been an inspiration and emotional support to my poetic efforts over the past few years. As I have said in the past, You are Grace personified in the real world. Those you love and interact with are well-blessed. I think you may be an Angel disguised in human form; radiance shines from your persona!