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from orange to golden

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  • from orange to golden

    the orange light
    to a poet's pen has
    no edge in sight
    and the further he sees,
    it's easier to write;
    or, like the moon
    in tilting down, in half
    looks about to crack.
    the page before me was--
    i contend--all i knew.
    the fire from the flames
    gone out, doors closed
    and the book sits
    like something too heavy
    and my heart strains
    and lets go sadly.


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    acceptance I get from this poetry. maybe age is the key to gold and maturing.


    • amenOra
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      if we don't let go, we certainly age "less gracefully". Maturity does feel like an element here; you ever feel a bit older after finishing a great book? Like you can't go back now lol. That feeling!

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    Hoping a new day dawns with the new year, bringing renewed energy.


    • amenOra
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      And Happy New Year to you and everyone! I am positive and hopeful for this year, well met, well received