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Misunderstood Rhyming Word = Irked Eye Roll

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  • Misunderstood Rhyming Word = Irked Eye Roll

    Took Granddaughter down to Claire’s,
    She had Asked to Check their Wares.
    Looked around for Quite a While,
    ‘til She found One just her Style.

    Then came Time we Had to Pay,
    what Next happened I must Say,
    after giving It some Time,
    Experience I set to Rhyme.

    The Cashier was In her Teens,
    not Polite by any Means.
    Pulled my Card like Eager Bunny,
    I got Credit – Just no Money.

    Thought she said, “Chip side Up,”
    heard Her wrong – that’s a Yup.
    Ran the Card but did not Work,
    hard of Hearing just my Quirk.

    Then she said, “Strip side Up,”
    transaction Done – that’s a Yup.
    Gesture she Could not Control,
    Gave to Me an Irked Eye Roll.