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a dog is not just for christmas

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  • a dog is not just for christmas

    a dog is not just for christmas 28.12.18

    don't understand about misogyny

    not got a glue

    the freeek did trigger monogamy

    in my defense i was open with the shih tzu.

    love feeling is not naff

    really felt merrier

    new year and going to devote to my staff

    first free sum for the feisty ball terrier.

    dogs bring excise

    even if i have to do hussel

    feminist are sure to criticize

    thinking they have to step in for little jack russell.

    every christmas is the same

    january is the call

    on tv advertising on the game

    did you see that cute baby pitbull.

    highlighted before in a log

    ending serious and not pleasant

    this is my way to highlight the dog

    hope you are barking about this present.

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