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no news to anaylze thursday 27 december 2018

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  • no news to anaylze thursday 27 december 2018

    no news to analyze thursday 27 december 2018

    i don't no whats happening

    but the lock is secure like yale

    hope friday 28 is fattening

    join in and do a news day sale.

    no weekly scrutinize

    on tube no lego line

    going to set up paper enterprise

    all critics of poetry sure to decline.

    will provide a service

    on days with no coverage

    bare with this editor as also a poetry novice

    determination shows stupidity as well as courage.

    will assess politicians

    body actions can not deny

    no tea from boris is in conditions

    won't like jeremy say hello and goodbye.

    open up the blond lump

    size don't make me inferior

    playing a political card that's trump

    no more said as boys are coming home from syria.

    back to normal soon

    friday and you better be in stand

    with out news boredom not immune

    addiction is that paper in hand.