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A Grinch Apology

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  • A Grinch Apology

    A silly Dr Seus themed poem inspired by the song 'My Grown Up Christmas List!' And of course, "How The Grinch Stole Christmas!' This took a whole year to finish LMAO!


    Do you remember me?
    I stole your Christmas Tree
    I took all your toys and presents
    home with me

    I robbed every House
    and Who
    I even robbed
    poor Cindy Lou

    I stole the food
    for your Christmas Feast
    I even stole
    the cooked roast beast

    And I did this
    all because
    I hated Christmas
    and Santa Claus

    But I'm ---- so sorry now
    And I wish ---- I could somehow
    return all ---- the Christmas cheer
    I stole ----- from you that year

    Do you know
    what I would do?
    I would bring joy
    to every Who

    I'd blow in
    like a breeze
    And bring you all
    new Christmas Trees

    They would be
    a cheerful sight
    with their lights
    all shining bright

    And I'll get one
    huge Christmas Tree
    Big enough
    for all to see

    And this of course
    would be
    A special gift
    To Who from Me

    I'll put it in
    the village square
    So all the Who's
    could gather there

    And as the lights
    are shining bright
    the Who's can sing
    their song at night

    And do you know
    what else I'd do?
    I'd gives toys
    to every Who

    On my sleigh
    with my dog Max
    I'd have toys
    in large brown sacks!

    Clothes and Toys
    for every Who!
    Even little
    Cindy Lou!

    Now let's make ---- something clear
    I can't do this ----- this year
    And I know ----- you're all annoyed
    But this year ------ I'm unemployed!

    Now ---- I'm just a slob
    who no longer ---- likes to rob
    And I won't ----- have any money
    until I ---- get a job

    So, please accept ---- my humble plea
    My Grinch ----- Apology
    And leave me ----- something 'Grinchy'
    underneath ------ your Christmas Tree!

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    Enjoyed! Loved the rhymes and construction. A light take, a good message, and a warm ending. Kudos


    • Rhymeboy
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      Thank You amenOra!

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    loved the rhyme all way through poetry. also loved the theme of giving and taking and forgiving and forgetting. power to this poetry on a Christmas theme. excellent work.


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      Thank you for your kind words poemzone! Thanks for stopping by!