john ackers - free bus tickets not FREE parking vouchers 24.12.18

what a letter
absolutely fantastic
made my christmas eve better
the cynic not going to protect or rap in plastic.
a freebie from the powers
because john you are a star
the sarcasm in you flowers
infarct i am going to buy you a car.
loved the leading
chuckle left me stewing
the council would need to provide heroin for reading
forget smoking while stuck in traffic brewing.
observing the stupidity
classic humiliation arriving
islington council office feels the humidity
accelerating into own foot they are driving.
great idea about stamp
mr ackers humour gets no better
on poetry going to put up ramp
"P"is for public warning polluting letter.
wrong about transport
john you got to get realistic
i interact from my uber and deport
selfies all way to work so trips not mystic.
poetry needs no payment
showing up islington was class
john ackers let me thank you for enjoyment
but on letters page i just think i will pass.