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Blue December

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  • Blue December

    Wake up in the morning
    When the storms have went away
    It's a brand new day

    Skies as blue as crystal
    Not a single drifting cloud
    Serenity is now

    All the trees standing in line
    They may be left with nothing
    But the gentle breeze is something

    Who knew that Mother Nature
    Can be so kind to everyone?
    For the day, we worship the sun

    After these winters of harshness
    Hope had materialised
    A dream finally realised

    We can all be happy, for the day
    And feel it slowly pass
    To our heads, through calmer minds
    We pray for it to last

    Once in a lifetime
    Once in a generation
    We can live this imagination

    Happy holidays, everyone

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    dreaming of a better world I got from this. loved nature being so kind. very effective.


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      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Bry89 . This reflective piece is a soothing gift to the zone - thanks for employing your talents in such a way.