my queen and anita Dobson in sixty seconds lego 20.12.18

sixty seconds spill-ed

took over a hour to analyse

opening line and absolutely thrilled

childhood memory's of queen vic and i to won't criticise.

it was extremely well written

even if as of late loosing its marbles

den and ange relationship left us smitten

they were the enders ena sharples.

loved the call on phone

just before bed not lazy

brian listening to living on my own

directing him to rerun was stone cold crazy.

to one hundred from nought

its how you met the queen

gratitude i got from this news report

glitter balls are no dream.

30.6 million had xmas day one vision

not taken back or frightening

feet are grounded with this decision

you choose to reply with so exciting.

loved your acceptance

anita your a true star

walking to shop to get a bulb shows relevance

brain loves electricals not only his car.

seeing a double caused no crack

anita was seeing 2 of the mister

gwilym nearly created a dragon attack

you just smiled and said sail away sweet sister.

freddie would have approved

theatre and arts were a contribute

the next line might be removed

because my dear i am just a musical prostitute.

offers are not on the wire

in demand is not ludicrously

only true fans will see i am no liar

rami being able to retire feels me with jealousy.

queen in lego is fantastic

to no your stuff pays

2019 and rami are no plastic

lets end with those were the days.