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My Love’s Coffin

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  • My Love’s Coffin

    This was inspired by a woman that lost her lover in a tragedy. I wish I could do her feelings justice.

    My love’s coffin

    Please Don’t take my loves coffin away

    His body was still warm yesterday

    Wake him up, bring my love back to me

    So I can live and breathe again

    Don’t lay him down where it’s cold and dark

    For he loved the sun’s warmth and the light

    Open his eyes so he can see me

    force him to live and breathe again

    The Futility in my tears spent

    Tell him my heart aches for his warm scent

    I remember the love in his kiss

    He needs to live and breathe again

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    The pain of her loss comes through swimmingly in your expression Alex. I can see her standing, or collapsing, next to his coffin, inconsolable.

    Well painted, poetess.


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    This is written so honestly it feels natural. Excellent.


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    Thank you very much TS for the like.