What a crazy year folks and there's no shortage of material . When these people go after Eartha Kitt,s " Santa Baby " then I will be the one being naughty
I don't know my poem took on a nautical theme ? After all it is my Chritmas poem for the year , I guess flying with Santa I was being deprived of oxygen , Enjoy and Merry Christmas !

The X-mas files ( c ) Glen Mitton 2018

I've compared my list with Santa's and his will not suffice
Mine keeps getting longer in that Santa's just being nice
The evil doers are well entrenched so I have set up camp
I've been adding so many names I've got writers cramp

These are the kind of people who will go behind your back
They're the ones who sneak in and steal Santa's snack
Rummaging through the stockings hanging on the mantle
Trotting off with the all the tinsel leaving things in shambles

We're in a lifeboat that's the gift that they've bestowed
Siphoned out of gas and needing a tow
Like every ship at sea it has a number of rats
They'd like to throw us over board " What do you do with people like that " ?

Apparently you can't even say "Don we now our gay apparel "
Because the pigs at the trough have gone insane and feral
Though that might seem harrowing , menacing and wild
All will be well Christmas morning if we stand by the child

Instead of candy canes these nut-crackers have pitch forks in their head
Attacking poor Rudolph of all things wanting him dead
Hmm ?............ I wonder ? .........you don't suppose ?
After all the clay-mation creature " did " don a black nose

Next year we'll be down graded to a " hissing " rubber raft
There's so much " junk " in the water it's threatening our craft
The one thing you'll never see is " our " rats jumping ship
They never really were on board and that's straight from my lips

Below deck they're steering us right into the rocky cliffs
A bunch of sterile seamen not caring if we go a drift
" Actions speak louder words " so the saying goes
When your ship is sinking look to see who's boring holes

They can't let go of the reins that's the gist of it
Now I'm running out of paper for my evil doers list
I'm asking Santa for a computer with a " Giga-Byte of Ram "
Santa might be jolly , but that's just who I am