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  • Boom! Boom!

    Boom! Boom!

    I felt hot and sticky as a moon pie stuck
    on an old pickup sunbaked Chevy
    and the battle bruised air in my soot laden lungs
    made the morning taste of gunpowder heavy.

    All my ammo was gone! And all the rifles were gone!
    All the mortar rounds were missing with our gear
    and we saw the enemy scramble in confusion.
    Seems their weapons too had also disappeared.

    But our Supply Sarge, unsupplied, had a bold plan.
    He knew a way that we could still yet win the day.
    Using a Positive Mental Attitude at it’s full force,
    all the battles could be fought with PMA.

    He said “Pretend I’m handing you a loaded rifle.
    When you see the enemy, think and go Bang! Bang!
    and a knife for close encounters when they happen
    and Stab! Stab! will drop your foe yet once again.”

    On the field, I had no choice. I thought Bang! Bang!
    and heard the click of ejected shells from fired rounds.
    And in shock, I knew my PMA was working dead on target
    ‘cause I saw my enemy shot and hit the ground.

    I thought I heard a sound, not far out in the distance,
    as we revelled in the enemy’s loss and doom,
    ‘cause the Bang! Bangs! and the Stab! Stabs!
    were loud all thru the day ‘til a big sound shook the ground.
    It went Boom! Boom!

    Boom! Boom! I heard in the distance. Bang! Bang! sounded small.
    Boom! Boom! sounded nearer. Stab! Stab! no sound at all.
    And I saw an enemy soldier, with PMA strong you see,
    saying “Tankity-Tank, Tankity-Tank.” Boom! Boom! rolled over me.

    Hurt, I watched the Boom! Boom! explode on a bomb from air
    launched by a comrade soldier’s PMA, unmeasured and rare.
    Boom! Boom! seemed unusual and maybe a little farfetched
    ‘til I saw our soldier flying in air saying “Jettidy, jet, jet, jet.”

    And I raised my head in pain from mud with tears that looked at sky
    for Man’s mind was on display, uncaged by belief to fly.
    If only he can live with his neighbor and not be socially retarded at core,
    such gifts could aim at stars for targets than Death, the bullseye of War.


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    Creative work Namyh. Makes me wonder what the peace-loving man's mind would use for a PMA refrain?


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      great awareness from this poetry. PMA outstanding. and the end of the poem it reminds me of that song. what is war good for ? you all no the rest.


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        Very creative.


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          RLW - We’ve been conditioned early to accept that War is okay to make believe with weapons of mass destruction on the playground and have it reinforced by movies, television and video games which give us the visuals of death without the smells of destruction. Then as adults we are eventually primed to make real the weapons of mass destruction on the battlefield where unfortunately those smells will be. I just thought I’d write a little about it. Boom! Namyh


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            Poemzone - It would be great if wars were waged by words but we are a paranoid species by nature who has proven historically that the sword was a great persuader when those words failed. Glad to bring some awareness without a single shot being fired, a single sword being swung but with single words being heard and that sings a needed three Boom! Booms! and ½ a Bang! Bang!. Puts a song in the day. Thanks PZ. Namyh


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              Alexandra - Very happy to bring a Boom! Boom! to your day. Thanks A. Namyh


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                Mikasa - I have found that practicality in a poetic world is not nearly as efficient as attention grabbing fantasy when driving home a point, especially if it's to be remembered. So glad you stopped by. Namyh
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