my advice is to play dirty harry 18.12.18


tuesday and was monday flicking

lots of news and no spam

the most powerful gun picking

laughing at story of inspector callahan.

2018 and not fronting

let me give clarity

under the thumb and not hunting

choosing to with wife show solidarity.

totally against blood sports

to lots this will be no blur

20 years and now withdrawing reports

not sure if william will dress george in fur.

a source reckons its no pollute

daddy closely observing the war

all activists won't salute

megan having flash backs of german boar.

kennsington not in the line

fully prepared with bullet proof

take with a pinch of salt as they decline

staying quiet while having snipers on roof.

publicity for the vegan

you hit the target

PR adviser is superb for megan

shooting in lego is my return market.