facial recognition trial - george state on way 17.12.18

welcome to mental
but this xmas has show stoppers
lots heading to theatre central
millions drawn to be shoppers.
bill is offering invitation
so going to highlight a smalls bertie
no such thing as corruption or contamination
in bills defence its not done covertly.
right in my ground of stomping
own most brothels and can identify each ho
100% decline in romping
premises closed in lecicester square and piccadilly and soho.
have to agree with big brother watch
but discovering poetry will be no historian
if reading now lets share a scotch
proof this technology is lawless and authoritarian.
is this a breach of privacy
thought we were free in the united kingdom
on a slope that's so icy
george not playing flawless but freedom.
poetry that's disgraceful
going to central london for a smile
civil liberties are a farcical
remember poetry for highlighting and ending up on trial.