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    county line credit joaquin guzman 16.12.18

    easy to follow
    like cats eyes travelling
    drugs have no quilt or sorrow
    follow this poetry for unravelling.
    genius is the master mind
    even if not honourable
    shame to being disability blind
    named in poetry makes criminal undeniable.
    you continue to manipulate
    pick on those that are feeble
    getting rich via a poison calculate
    total disregard to society with the needle.
    set up heroin dens
    on the community turn your back
    you no they are going at it like clucking hens
    to spread disease don't provide needles just crack.
    very clever how organised
    not bringing any credit or shine
    dark humour is going to be criticised
    joaquin guzman here just spilt coke setting up next country line.