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A Voice in the Light

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  • A Voice in the Light

    A Voice in the Light

    Down the heavens, thru the clouds,
    across the winds that churn the night,
    the velvet darkness pins the sky
    with stars of a silvern light.

    At a gallop in the dark, the light rays come,
    first the fast then behind come the slow.
    They both reach the eyes at slight different times
    and a Twinkle is their impacts aglow.

    In that blink, some men see their last Hope.
    In that flash, some men hear their Faith
    and a dim corner shows my old Courage lost
    now lit by this messenger of Space.

    And it seems that the Infinite is speaking
    to me, Man the infinitely small,
    that we are both the ends of a cosmic circle
    not touching but embracing us all

    and the unmeasured distance between us
    is the breath of a heartbeat’s sigh
    winged with a Voice from the velvet darkness
    locked in the twinkling of an eye.

    And in the silent and echoless vast uncertain
    dim of some darkened night
    when one star blinks and jumps great distance
    straddled to a cosmic light
    that hurtles the blackness of a million midnights
    whose span is a chasmed sea,
    If you listen for the light, in the twinkling of an eye,
    it will speak to the dark in thee.


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    poetry and voices heard loud and clear namyh. loved the dark and light input into poetry. when one star blinks and jumps a distance was most enjoyable to read complemented by straddled by cosmic light. this poetry is out there and circulating. great write.


    • Namyh
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      Somewhere between the infinitely large and the infinitely small is us. We have been fascinated with the stars when we couldn’t speak about or explain them and equally fascinated with them when we could. Perhaps it’s that darkness, that emptiness of the night that compels us to seek some explanations or impute our own for its void and vastness and which may make us think we’re all alone in the Universe when maybe we’re only just far, far, far away. Whoa! Now there’s the mind bender that prompted my circulation to write this in the first place. Thanks loads for your words of enjoyment PZ. Namyh

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    Yes I agree with poemzone !!!! I love the 'dark' and 'light' themes! A wonderful read! Well Done Namyh !!!!


    • Namyh
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      I tried to capture in this composition some of the elusive awe we all have felt looking up at the stars and wondering if maybe we are not alone in this vast Universe. Kinda gives me that "Beam me up Scotty" feeling all over again. Whoa! Somebody warm up the Klingon coffee too! So happy to inject some 'dark' and 'light' wonder into your day RB which gets me feeling 'enterprisingly' better! LOL. Thanks loads. Namyh

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    posting error-disregard.
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      This poem speaks to me. Im glad to read it


      • Namyh
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        Lunar glide - Amazing it is that our words speak to different people differently but with a common voice that reaches the heart, spirit and mind. We are poets and should feel very lucky we can touch people with the same hope a priest hears a confession that cleanses, a surgeon removes a harm that hurts or a mechanic replaces a part that fails. So very happy the words spoke to you, especially when I told them that if they didn’t there would be cyber pain inflicted without mercy. LOL Thanks LG for spending and enjoying a spell here. Namyh