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  • ok to offend

    ok to offend 13.12.18


    gone is the preach

    knocked off pedestal

    their neck was the reach

    offence taken not by small.

    can not no longer be political

    MP's don't have thick skin

    getting like the rein of saddam and critical

    got popeye and olive oil coming round for wag of chin.

    can you see the disability

    writing won't ever correct

    can not translate for stupid as no facility

    look away those with low intellect.

    we are going to extreme

    history will look back and see the mend

    sorry if you feel its mean

    don't reply negatively to poetry it might offend.

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    So easy to offend these days - some need do nothing but draw another breath and are lambasted. I've never regretted trying to respond in charity - and will be learning how to do it better until the day I die.