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  • ebenezer calling lego

    ebenezer calling lego 12.12.18


    loved your communication

    but you forgot divine

    smell is a sense and often a frustration

    name the train and what line.

    a gent that's sweet

    one nice fella

    seen as you accept no seat

    would you hold my coat bag and umbrella.

    making it a better commute

    st nicolas should drop his slay

    air freshener on the 25 won't pollute

    quote why must it be this way.

    again a cancellation

    to pass time lets sing jingle bells

    politically correct brigade must have mitigation

    offence is taken with really smells.

    thank you for vent

    lego on tuesday was a pleaser

    getting down to kent

    going to offer a duet seat with carley S ebenezer.