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    walkers packitintolego 11.12.18


    this is a stinger

    in no ways a fault

    can not afford to wine so give vinegar

    chief executive is looking at a poem salt.

    the campaign was not stale

    going to post box hurt my bunion

    the lady in front wafted her prawn cocktail

    but over ridden by my beef and onion.

    absolutely fantastic

    191 locations so get picking

    terracycle will deal with all plastic

    up for a fight and not roast chicken.

    300 000 who signed are not shaken

    you are a pure delight

    this petition was better then smoky bacon

    now saving the planet makes me marmite.

    into poetry you are all talkers

    even michael gove will swallow

    credit to the business walkers

    hopefully all other plastic brands follow.

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    colored with a lot of different references, i liked this one. geez I'm hungry, 15 mins til my ride to the market lol. liked what you did, wine/vinegar/and salt mentioned. thankya or sharing!