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Flood of Feeling

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  • Flood of Feeling

    Completely still, nearly numb
    Going through the daily motions
    Not caring about what's to come
    Snoozing through the daily commotions

    Then it hits.

    A wave of life, a dam that bursts
    The flood of feeling that has been missing
    An ocean filled with the best and worst
    But as soon as it comes, so it goes
    And all that's left is the feeling of reminiscing

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    deep feelings expressed in your descriptions. at first I thought your poem was about depression but now think it is dealing with loss. if I am correct this is so descriptive.


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      Good to see you posting again. Nicely done.


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        I agree with Alexandra - welcome back to the queue PoetryBree . From the sound of this piece, life has had both smooth and stormy turns for you. Nicely captured.

        I felt the contrast you created. Almost to the point where that last line or two needed a separate stanza to ease me back out of the commotion.


        • PoetryBree
          PoetryBree commented
          Editing a comment
          It's been quite a while! I have a tendency to go a bit M.I.A. I guess! Ah yes, great idea!