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  • Six Feet Above

    I may be gone, forever
    And those tears
    Do prove of this

    As you cry in solitude
    Don't think it's all over
    I'm still in your heart

    Things may not be the same
    When the feeling gets rough
    When it all gets too much

    A hollow life, a broken smile
    Don't think it's the end
    When you can still think of me

    I may be deep down
    Into the soil where I'm long forgotten
    In spite of this tragedy
    I'll still be here, over you
    I'll be watching over you

    I am a particle
    I am the living thought
    I am the recurring dream

    I know it's hard, to move on
    The very moment we lost each other
    But don't think it's the end
    When you can still recall me

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    strong and powerful poetry giving hope to anyone who has loved and lost. master work here and so well written. loved how you turned a negative thought of six feet under with your remix with tittle of your poetry. this was real clever and added to your poetry on same note.


    • Bry89
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      Yeah, I like working with puns sometimes